Saturday 23 February 2013

The Walking Dead


Sorry, couldn't help myself. A cheap shot, I know, but there you go.

As I'm sure you've gathered by now this post is all about those adorable shambling corpses we lovingly  call Zombies. I really tried to capture the rotting flesh look, how did I do?

So these models are a fair departure for me for a few reasons. Firstly, these are the first ever miniatures that I have painted that haven't been produced by GW. I know, wash my mouth out with soap right?! It actually did feel a little weird. They're the same scale and of the same kind of sculpt quality but they look subtly different from the way GW make their undead look. But God were they a lot of fun to paint.

All of the models had a lot of character to them. Especially the girl in the nightdress above. She just looks so sad to be undead and I love the leaning stance she's got as if she cant hold herself up anymore. I also really like the juxtaposition I've got going on with something so girly and a flesh eating monster. (Although arguments could be made for me painting her with a normal skin tone and it having the same effect ;P)

For the life of me though I couldn't tell you where any of these miniatures came from. I was actually given these by Adam at ilikepaintinglead as he has a ridiculous lead mountain of unpainted models in his house, a large portion of those zombies. I said that I would lend a hand and paint some up for him (I know, I'm a regular good samaritan right?!) . If anyone can tell me where they're from it's him. Maybe he'll oblige by adding a comment for me? ;D

He also gave me a few survivor models to paint up to. A few of which I have the zombie equivalents too, like the Hillbilly Zombie above. I'll have those painted up next I reckon so you can see the comparison. Though given the way this guy looks I don't reckon his human counterpart will look a lot cleaner!

I painted the vast majority of these guys using only GW shades. I primed them all a light grey. Gave them three coats of Athonian Camo Shade (one of my new favourite washes), highlighted a few areas with Drakenhoff Nightshade to simulate bruised flesh and used our favourite Agrax Earthshade to make all the clothing suitably grubby.

And what zombie model is complete without lashings of gore?! To get the effect I have here I just layered coat upon coat of Carroburg Crimson Shade until I liked the tone of the blood. I like the way it's made the blood look really dark but still quite vibrant. I then used watered down PVA glue to make it shiny and fresh (I'm too stingy to buy gloss varnish!).

So what do you guys think of my take on the rotting dead? I'll have those survivors up soonish and maybe one day me and Adam will actually play some zombie apocalypse scenario type games like we've been saying we'll do for an absolute age! One day....



  1. They look good. You may want to vary the flesh tones from green in the future. Perhaps some blue or brown as well? Mind you with all that blood the green is a nice backdrop for it. I just started to step away from GW minis too. There are a lot of nice minis out there but it does require different skills because GW seems the exaggerate their details. What company makes these? I'm looking for some nice zombies for a diorama I am planning with Alice from Tale of War.

    1. My thoughts exactly zab mate, I'm going to try the same technique but with a blue shade instead for some variation. I've got another 5 greens neat done now though. Should be up soon.

      I actually found the minis during my search for survivor minis (any suggestions btw?) and they are from zombiesmith. Lots of stuff on there. Check out hassle free and studio. They do some great zombie and survivor models.

      Look forward to seeing the diorama man, make sure you post it!



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