Saturday 18 May 2013

Apocalypse Now! (Well, Two Weeks Ago....)

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Wow, it feels like it's been ages since I posted something! In fact it's been ages since I have done anything hobby related. You see, I've been away with work for 3 whole weeks which has left me with some serious hobby withdrawal! (As well as missing my GF I suppose ;P) 

There was however one hobby port in the storm of regular life and that was a visit to Adam from ilikepaintinglead. I utilised one of my weekends off to make the long, arduous trek (about 35 minutes) to Reading for a weekend of gaming, beer and free pizza (expenses FTW). So what did we play I hear you ask? We played a war band based skirmish game called "A Song of Blades and Heroes: Fear and Faith" and it was awesome! The system for the game is super easy, quick to pick up but still has a lot of tactical depth. Anyone fancying something slightly different should definitely give this a go.

Before I get on to the pictures of a short battle report I want to take the time to thank Adam for the huge effort he put into the preparation of this game. Just look at what he built for us to play on...

The City Outskirts in all it's glory!


Warehouse District

Trailer Park

Residential District

Ferocious local Wildlife (AKA Gill)

Walking Dead

 The Bitter End

How damn cool is that?!!! He totally didn't tell me he'd done it either! I just arrived and it was just waiting for me like some mythic Nerdvanna that you never think actually exists outside of conventions. So once again, thanks so much dude. If you guys are interested about how he made it or just to look at how awesomely he paints then pop over to his blog via this helpful little link.

For now I'll just leave it at that but I'm going to post up a battle report in the next couple of days so if you want to see me pop some zombies in the head then I'll see you soon!



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