Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rend! Maim! KILL!


So the swarm grows. Hot on the heels of the rippers I did earlier in the week I've managed to finish up a brood of Genestealers. Before I talk about the painting of them I'll let you take a look at some group shots...

These guys were weird to paint. I had quite a few changes of emotion toward how they were going. At first it seemed that everything I did just wasn't going right; the spots didn't look right on the carapace, the red was too dark, the back plates of the carapace looked weird etc etc. However as the whole thing came to together everything just kind of clicked. I think that's how you know a paint scheme is working when it just doesn't look right until all the components come together at the end.

One of the toughest parts was deciding what to do with the entire carapace. Due to the nature of the plates on Genestealers I couldn't do the same pattern I've used on my other units so far so I settled on a combination of the skin and plate design. I painted stripes on the spine and spots on the carapace but then darkened it with a wash of Agrax Earthshade / Carroburg Crimson. I think the final effect really works, especially the really bright spinal column down their backs.

The spot colour of green returns with these guys which adds that little bit of 'alien' to my natural colour scheme.

So the swarm stands at 28 models now (more if you count individual rippers but that would be ridiculous...). 28 models in less than a month for me is very speedy, especially since I was away for two weeks of them! Here's the whole lot...

I'm also still really enjoying the models. They're so different from anything I've painted before and my favourite type of painting is fast with solid results at the end which, I hope you'll agree, I think I'm actually managing :) Here's some more 'arty' shots of the swarm in my ruins display board...

So I've been painting grunts quite a lot at the minute. I think it's about time I got some of my Synapse Creatures up and painted, don't you ?! ;)

Cheers for looking!



  1. these look brutal! i love it! i think people try too hard with high contrast colour schemes for genestealers it makes them look created rather than grown. im a big fan of the brown and earth colourscheme. keep it up mate!

  2. I totally agree man. I find that some of the really bright, garish nid colour schemes to be a little too much. I'm aiming for a slightly understated look but with that little alien element thrown in with the green.

    Hopefully I wont get distracted by something else shiny before I finish off some sort of respectable army! ;P

  3. Bookmarked for theft of the colours for a diorama I have planned in the far future involving some Raven Guard Scouts and a Lictor inspired by the audio drama Helion Rain. I don't normally like xenos, but these just look so damn good!

    1. By theft I'm sure you meant 'inspire' but I'll let that one slide this time ;) Thanks a lot man, I'd love to see that once its done. It would be really interesting to see someone else's take on the same scheme! I assume you'll have it on the old blog?

    2. Yeah, it'll be blog worthy, but I'm trying to blaze through the rest of the DV set and some pirates before that diorama ~sigh~ time to break out that airbrush to speed things along. I hate being a slow painter -_- so many ideas but so sllloooowwwww...


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