Thursday, 10 January 2013

First Post (and a Griffon!)

So, this will be my first time blogging... Seems a little weird to be currently speaking to no one but I created this blog to motivate myself to paint so I guess that's OK.

For the first post I wanted to show a model I have just finished. I only very recently (in the past year or so) really got back in to painting after a long absence. I've painted a few things here and there but not any where near as much as I am now. I think this model is me starting to get back to the standard I could paint at back in the day. Quite fitting then that it would be the first to appear on my blog! I'm still not totally happy but close enough for now I think.

Without further a do here are the pics!

So there it is in all it's glory! The High elf lord riding a griffon from the Island of Blood box set. I have to say that the mini was an absolute pleasure to paint and I flew through it in about a week (which for this size of model and the actual time I get to paint is damn speedy!). I really loved doing the front of the bird and the rider, amazing detail throughout the entire sculpt making it really easy to shade and highlight. The only part I struggled with was the lion portion of the model. I could never seem to get the colours right and the shading just seems to deep. However, it does look a whole lot better now I've got the matt varnish on it.

Post number one is now done! Any feedback on painting or pics (as long as its constructive mind you) is more than welcome. Hopefully I'll manage to post at least one thing a week and I'll be able to track my progress, at the very least WIP updates on my current projects will be forth coming. Maybe I won't be talking to myself by then too.....



  1. loving this. kinda wish my demiGyphs had wings. ive got a dragon to paint and its going to kill me. i replied to your post on my blog with the airbrush info you wanted.

    1. Cheers bro, it was an absolute pleasure to paint and I'm pretty happy with the end result!

      Also, thanks for the airbrush info. Looking forward to getting started with it!

  2. Great start on the blog and like really like shading / colours you've used here

    I've got a FW Preyton to paint up, but I really want to base coat with the colour you've used here, any suggestions?

    1. Thanks a lot man, as I said in my post I'm pretty happy with the results considering they were pretty simply achieved;

      1) Dheneb stone base coat
      2) Gryffon Sepia Wash
      3) Drybrush increasingly lighter shades of Dheneb until happy!

      The lion part of the Griffon was;

      1) Balor brown base coat
      2) XV88 layer
      3) Highlighted with lightened shades of XV88
      4) Washed with Griffon Sepia

      However I quite strongly believe that the detailing on the model did all the hard work for me!

      Hope that helps. I look forward to seeing that finished Preytor, good luck!


    2. Thanks for that Phil. I hope the Preyton model will carry my paint job off :P


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