Monday, 14 January 2013

Games Day 2011 Challenge

So a couple of years a go I went to Games Day with a friend (Adam from ilikepaintinglead). Throughout the day we managed to not partake in any of the games, studios or activities through a mix of fear, shame and awkwardness! We decided that next year we would definitely get involved. As a result we bought a box set between us (the Island of Blood set no less!), and vowed to each paint up an army and play a game at next years Games Day. We didn't. In fact we did exactly the same as the first year. Oh well, there's always next year...

In 2 years Adam has managed to paint about 4 skaven and a rat ogre as he keeeps getting distracted by other, older miniatures (most of which are featured on his blog). I on the other hand have painted about 3 quarters of the minis in my army (one of which happens to be featured in my previous post). I thought maybe I'd post my current progress. 

Here are some pics of the finished Swordmasters unit;

And a fully painted unit of Elyrian Reavers;

That's how far I have got so far. I've actually got the majority of the archers from the set done as well but I'll wait until I've completed the entire unit of those before I post them. The swordmasters were actually the first models I had painted for years so I'm actually pretty happy with them. The reavers on the other hand are OK but there are a few bits, like the white and the horse flesh, that I'm not overly happy with but they are most definitely table ready. As I finish more units I'll post them too. As always, comments are most welcome!


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