Saturday, 2 February 2013

Vengeance At Last!

Look what I just bought!

I couldn't help myself honest!

So, Dark Vengeance has been calling to me for quite some time. Every time I seemed to look at all the models I would notice another one that I thought was awesome. Thus, I decided to take a trip into town and use my hard won birthday money to buy the box set. The way I can easily justify the purchase to myself (and more importantly, to my girlfriend) is the sheer value for money. At around £1 a model it's a bargain and it means that I will have plenty to keep me painting and modelling for the foreseeable future. Plus, the quality of the sculpts and poses of all the individual models is incredibly high. Sure, given the nature of the sculpts it is slightly more difficult to customise each of the individual models but I figure that the poses are so good on most of them that I actually wouldn't bother unless a particular need took over me!

The first models that really caught my eye in the set were the Chosen Chaos marines. Each and every one of them has such character it was easy (even for a lifelong Imperial like myself) to fall ink love with them. I also saw a fantastically painted example of one of them on Camelson's blog;

Just Wow....

I would encourage anyone to go and check out this guys stuff as everything he does is of this standard. I can't even comprehend being this good unless I painted every hour of every day and given that my back seizes up after a couple of hours of painting that's not really an option for me!

The paint job on this model really inspired me to work on these guys first. Which is exactly what I have done. I currently have two of the Chosen in various stages of WIP but I'll shows those off once one of them is completely finished. I have however finished the base that I intend to display the entire unit, with the Archon, on and I thought to myself, "why not try a tutorial?". So that's what I plan to do....

......In my next post


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