Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birthday Haul (and a Warlock)

First of all a big "Hello!" to my 2 new followers!

On Friday it was my birthday. The big 2 7 and dear God do I now feel like an adult! Primarily because I hardly got any presents :( However the presents I did get were pretty damn awesome and all down to my loving (read patient and accommodating) girlfriend Jen!

At Christmas she got me some paints and basing materials but she's really stepped it up for my birthday. Check out all of my goodies!

Pretty good huh?!

So, first of all I need to congratulate her on getting me something that I've never seen or even heard of; the 'Eavy Metal Edge Highlight Kit. The kit consists of 9 paints that have been requested by the 'Eavy Metal team for extreme edge highlights. So far I've used them to lighten up my highlights rather than using white. They give a really good pastel colour to your highlights making them blend in waaaay better.

Secondly more basing material is always good and I LOVE basing snow but have never owned any snow flock. Now I do! You also get some little plastic icicle sculpts in there. Me thinks some Space Wolves may be in order to make use of these beauties! My only snag with these little kits is that they are stupid expensive (£20!!!). A fact I pointed out to my GF to which she countered "That's why they're good to get as presents"......"Touché" said I.

Thirdly, the High Elf Dragon. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a little intimidated by this beast. It's big, stunningly sculpted and if I make a mess of it Jen will literally kill me.......I think I'm going to save it until I'm OK with using an airbrush. I want it to look awesome and every Dragon I've ever seen that looks good has been painted with an airbrush (plus, I can't face painting wings with a regular brush!).

Lastly an honourable mention needs to go out to a non miniature related presents....

Just Awesome...

We saw this t-shirt on Think Geek and it had me absolutely cracking up (Jen didn't get it) so she bought it for me. All in all a good amount of hobby related birthday gifts. I have to say though, nothing will ever beat an Xmas present that Jen got me a few years ago....

More Awesome....

I don't get really excited by a lot but this model nearly brought me to hopeless nerd tears of joy! Such an awesome and iconic sculpt but I just can't bring myself to paint it. I started the base coat but lost courage half way through and now I'm ashamed to see dust piling up on it obscuring all the details. Maybe I'll give it a clean with the airbrush once it arrives and steel myself to start again. I just really don't want to mess it up.....

Now that my birghday ravings are over I have actually managed to finsih one of the projects I have on the go. Behold my Skaven Warlock....

And here he is! I'm actually really happy with the end result of this model. There were certain parts during the painting that I wasn't too sure how he would turn out but I think the mix of colours work really nicely with a few little splashes of colour. Since most of it is quite muted though I think the warpstone really pops! I used some of my new edge highlight paints to get the warpstone effect, using it to lighten the Moot Green I used as the top layer. As I said previously it just seems to blend a little nicer and allowed me to get a more 'cloudy' look to the warpstone globes. 

I also took my first foray into more advanced painting techniques. I tried out some object source lighting (or OSL for the cool kids) which turned out OK I think...

I think it works really well on the globe on his back but I couldn't seem to get the paint on his halberd to feather properly. I was thinking whilst I was doing this though that if I don't try these techniques I'll never get better at them and for a first attempt I learned a  lot about the application of the paint, consistency etc. My next try will be better!

The base was another whittled piece of wood with added flock, plants and secret recipe basing material....more on that later.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Comments and suggestions are super welcome as they'll only help me to get better!



  1. Looking nice. Good for you for taking on OSL, that can be a bit intimidating!

    1. Thanks for looking man. I've got to say it does seem a little weird painting over something you've already painted with a quite bright colour! But, practice makes perfect!

      Thanks again,

  2. Looks good! I especially like the swirling effects in the orbs. What's the bit on the back?

    1. Cheers!

      The swirling effects on the orbs almost happen a little by accident when i was building up the lighter layers with watered down Moot Green and I just went with it! Glad you like it?

      Which part of the back? There's no conversion work on this model except the base so anything on the miniature is part of the sculpt.

      Thanks for looking,


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