Thursday, 17 January 2013

Games Day Black Orc

When I was a kid I used to go to Games Day every year and of course every year you would get the free Games Day miniature with your ticket. Alas, every year I would also systematically butcher said models in my youthful enthusiasm to get everything painted. All but one miniature survived...

The Black Orc model was never touched as I assume it was at the point where I lost interest in tiny painted beasts and focused my energies on considerably more dangerous things. Girls!

Anyway, I have recently finished a project to get this Orc out of the drawer of forgotten miniatures and actually get it painted. I apologise in advance for the photos, I couldn't seem to get the camera to focus close up.

Games Day 2000 Black Orc

And there he is, I'm particularly happy with his armour which was achieved using a combination of washes and dry brushing to get a battered, dirty kind of look which is much easier to see on the actual model than in these pics. I also fixed up a nice little scenic base for him made up of a piece of MDF, some GW scenery pieces and some wasteland tuft!

I have a couple of more recent Games Day minis ready to be painted so hopefully I'll get those up pretty soonish.


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