Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Base To Display Stuff On

Hello again!

When I started painting again, about a year ago, I wanted a base that I could display my finished High Elf army on. What I decided to do was make a trip down to Poundland and get some cheap stuff to make a display base with!

I came back with a children's chalkboard set, some cheap brown test colour paint, some big, cheap paint brushes, a bottle of PVA glue and a small bag of sand. After dropping the extortionate amount of £5 on all of my materials I went home and set about creating my base. Using the chalkboard as the base I covered it in PVA and poured the sand on top. Once that Had dried I painted it all brown, dry brushed it a little and covered it in some left over flock I had. 

And this was the result...

Not bad for a fiver!

As you can see I also added some green stuff flooring in the centre to add a little different texture to it. If I'd actually thought about the placement of the grass, mud and stone I may have made it look a bit more natural but amidst all of the glue, paint and flock I got a little carried away and the results look a little haphazard. However, when I have miniatures on there all based up it does the job admirably.

I also wanted some backdrop scenery for it too so I got myself the Osgiliath ruins box set. A little pricey as with all GW scenery but the sculpts were perfect for what I wanted and could be reused for any of the (rare) games I manage to play.

Here's some pics...

I painted the scenery using Dheneb stone base coat, a Devlan Mud wash and then dry brushed Dheneb Stone again. The effect was really good I find. Especially since it's just incidental scenery. I added a little extra to it today as well; I painted a little Biel Tan Green shade into some of the recesses and then glued some flock on top to add the appearance of moss growing in the cracks of the ruins. I think it looks pretty good actually but it's are still missing something like some vines or ivy. Does anyone know of a good UK supplier that sells ivy-like  basing materials? I can only find American suppliers and boy do you pay for the shipping!

I've still got a couple of bits of scenery from the box set to paint up so I can switch up the scenery types on the board as I now use this to take all of my pictures on for this blog! It makes them look a little more interesting than they otherwise could without any kind of backdrop!

Hope you guys like it!


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