Monday, 21 January 2013

Sorcerers and Skaven

Hi all (4 of you....)!!!

A really slow week on the painting front on account of being an adult and having to work so I can buy food and other boring necessities. I have however managed to get a couple of my on going projects a little bit further on. 

I mentioned in my last post that I have a couple more of the exclusive Games Day miniatures from previous years. Well the two that I have left form the core of the two projects that I am currently working on and by happy coincidence I have some WIP pictures of them! Hooray!

First up I've been preparing the Chaos Sorcerer from 2010. I decided I was going to actually fashion a base out of wood, green stuff and some chaos bits as the mini looks like he is performing some sort of foul ritual and he would definitely be doing that in some kind of shrine right? 

Here are the results so far...

Chaos Shrine

So, I made the circular dais using a piece of MDF, a saw, a sharp knife, a file and a lot of patience! All in all I think the stone effect Has turned out pretty nicely although I think I may need to highlight it a bit more as it looks a little "muddy" at the minute (probably due to the copious use of Devlan Mud but hey ho...)

The candles were made from green stuff and, since I don't actually do a lot of sculpting work, I think they look quite convincing. I particularly like the small spot of yellow I have in each candle that surprisingly looks like they are lit. Alas, you cant see this in the photo though...

Finally i added some Tzeentchian glyphs on the converging points of the pentagram as if they are collecting the blood coming from the spike in the centre. All in all I'm fairly happy with the base!

Now for the guy that's going to be standing on it....

Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorcerer

As you can see I'm mid way through painting him and actually got called away mid way through doing the base shading of his flesh. I'm going for a really raw, mutated look to his flesh hence the angry red base coat. I'll be highlighting up to a blue from the purple on the robe to try and create the classic mix of colours adopted by Tzeentchian sorcerers.

Lastly I added a head to his gripped hand and sculpted some hair (seen best from the back). I imagine the head will soon be plunged onto the spike in the centre of the base as part of the ritual!

Hopefully this will be finished off by the end of this week as I have a fairly sizeable little holiday booked in around my birthday that I plan to fill with modelling and painting I never usually get to do.

This brings me to my second little project.....

Games Day 2011 Skaven Warlock

I really love this model. It has a really great cowering posture going on (not shown in the pictures is the large shield he carries which is not attached for ease of painting). He also has lots and lots of really intricate machinery connected to him that I could paint a nice bronze. He's still not totally done. The staff needs to be done as does all of the warp stone and a few pouches.

The only thing I can't decide on is his base. I want it to be pretty cool. I'm thinking a large stone with lots of reads and grass with rats hiding in the foliage. What do you guys think?

So thats what I've been up to. Hopefully have these done in the next few days and I can move on to some of the bigger projects I've got my eyes on. More details in future posts as well as the finished pics of these two.

Let me know what you think so far...


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