Tuesday, 5 March 2013

For the Emperor!

So I haven't been up to a whole lot on the modelling from over the last few days as I've been solidly in work since the last post! I know right?!

I have however been ordering away; new miniatures, new bases, new tools etc etc ;P

Whilst on one of my journeys through the inter webs I stumbled upon the quite frankly amazing Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures. Now i know there are some great sculptors out there but this guys models really stuck out to me. As a result I have purchased some of his fancy posh bases!

I do really enjoy making my own bases but I think sometimes its quite luxurious for someone to do all the hard work for you. I have a few of these already ear marked for current projects to add a little display quality to some of my painted models!

The real meat of this website however are the actual miniatures. A few in particular. Now which  well known (in our circles anyway) fictional characters do these guys remind you of........?

If these aren't the best damn Primarch miniatures out there then somebody has to show me better! The emperor and Sanguinius models are absolutely exceptional and the price point isn't all that bad. Probably about £25 all told (which is actually a little steep) with the base and all. I think the only draw back I could see to them is that they are 28mm scale which considering the Primarchs are meant to be taller than regular marines could be an issue for purists. If you just want a cool collection of miniatures though, these are the boys!

What do you guys think? Any awesome finds you would like to share?

Hopefully have some more actual progress pics of my own work in the next few days as I've been busy modelling stuff all day to be painted on Thursday! Until then!



  1. Check of Hightech and Kabuki Miniatures as well for more primarch-y goodness :) That sound your hear? It's your wallet crying.

    1. Great models on both sites but I still think the Scibor miniatures have something on both manufacturers. The sculpts just seem more 'substantial' somehow. I don't know. And the price point (especially Kabuki) is super high!

      By now, my wallet is all cried out mate. It's just sitting in the corner and refusing to look at me now....

  2. Have to agree, those miniatures are bloody gorgeous. Bought a couple of models from scibor, they're quality.

  3. Update for this post. It seems the day after I decide I'm going to be getting some of these models he takes the (not) Emperor and (not) Horus models off his site!

    I wonder if the GW arbiters have paid him a visit?!


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