Friday, 1 March 2013

I Will Survive!

Hi All!

So as much as I don't want real life interfering on my blog I'm having a tough time with my mobile phone network provider! Honestly, incompetence doesn't even cover it! So over this stressful and tough time I've been expending my angst ridden energy into imagining all the zombies I am painting and modelling at the minute were former employees of said company! GGGRRRR!!

Rant Over.

Onto the painting front. Following on from my experimentation into non GW miniatures (which I am Thoroughly enjoying btw!) I painted up some survivor miniatures for the impending zombie apocalypse! Again, not really sure where these guys came from because I got them off of a friend. I believe the recruit is from a Copplestone set of survivors but the other guy I have literally no idea.

Here's some pics...

So first up is the aforementioned 'Recruit'. I decided that each of the survivors that I have will have a little bit of back story to flesh them out a little and make them even more interesting to paint. So this guy I decided used to be an army recruit (you can see his private stripes in the last pic of him). The only member of my survivor group that has any form of military experience. His experience however is purely theoretical. He has never been on campaign or in combat but his theoretical knowledge has allowed him to far.

He will also be the member of the group that represents me.....despite looking nothing like me, or having any of the same back story as me, I don't have a gun.......I have got blonde hair.......oh shut up!

I really enjoyed painting him actually. Lots of clean lines and just enough detail on him to add areas of interest whilst keeping the sculpt really tidy. I painted him relatively bright to be in direct contrast with the really dark tone of my zombie models. All in all, pretty happy!

The second survivor I've painted up I wanted to look completely different. For one reason to have the fun of variety and a second to make my survivor bunch look really eclectic. So, the fluff for this one is that I see him as working in a garage, airbrushing the paintwork on cars before Z day hit. This is represented by his dark blue/grey overalls and the bright coloured breathing apparatus re-appropriated as a gas mask. 

 I could very easily have painted the mask a rubber colour but I think the bright colour adds a point of focus and helps with the back story. Again, very happy with how he turned out. Really can't wait to get my hands on the next set of survivor models I have on order!

 Hide! Let them pass...

As I am typing this my Wargames Factory Zombies just arrived. Guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the day!!!



  1. Been keeping an eye on the Copplestone line, they have so me nice work. Great additions to your work! I've been dabbling some in non-GW stuff also of late from various lines and enjoy the branching off into other things refreshing.

    1. That's exactly what I'm finding man. It moves you of your comfert zone and I've found that I've been painting things using different techniques than usual which is fun. What kind of stuff have you dabbling in then Styx?


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