Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thunder Wolves Hoooooo!!!! (WIP)

Just a quick one here,

Here's another of the projects that I am currently working on;

Thunder Wolf Cavalry

 You'll have to run faster than that....

Earlier this week my brother visited and brought me a belated birthday present. However, if his presents are going to be this awesome then they can be late all of the time! These models are awesome to behold. The Wolves themselves are incredibly detailed and there are loads of options for the Marines. For the first I wanted a really action oriented pose. This was inspired by some amazing conversion work I stumbled upon recently. Just check this out. Simply her's my first attempts at something that cool!

As far as modelling goes I haven't had to do a lot actually. I repositioned the marines arms with a little cutting and gluing so it looks like he's hanging off the wolf to reach the cultist. The cultists head was simply clipped of, stuck on a pin and then I green stuffed some blood. Interesting thing with that though, I got the best blood effect not by actually sculpting but simply pulling small pieces from a clump of green stuff around his neck. We'll see how it paints up.

Luckily the Thunder Wolves come on massive bases which gives you a lot of options when basing them. I chose a single cultist having his head well and truly separated from his shoulders! I think it's worth pointing out that none of this is glued together at this point, just simple blue tack. The model is currently sitting on little sticks waiting to be sprayed black which I'm going to do right now!


....Too late!


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