Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Evil Dead

I have four more Zs finshed up. Still using the same technique using the same colours. These will probable be the last of the green zombies that I'll do. Got a bag of zombies coming from Wargames Factory off eBay (£14.50 for 30 Zs!!!) which should give me plenty to paint up in a variety of rotting flesh tones and convert brutalised corpses till my hearts content as they are plastic!

Here's a group shot...

Again, some really nice character in these guys, all a little different with different challenges when painting them. Although, what's been really nice about these miniatures is that they have been really easy to paint and then to actually get finished. I'm now really looking forward to trying out some more colour variations and expanding the horde. Where I'm going to put all of these shambling corpses is beyond me however. What I'm going to tell my girlfriend to justify me buying more miniatures is even further beyond me.....maybe it'll be our little secret eh?!

This little guy was an interesting one to paint up. I didn't really want to coat him in blood like all of the rest of them. Firstly It felt a little wrong to do so (something about the innocence of youth and all that I suppose) and secondlyI think it's even more creepy when you can't actually see what's happened to him! The only injuries you can see are the bones poking out of his forearms so obviously he's fallen off something pretty high..... I wonder what happened to this little guy... Suggestions?

Back to lot's of beautiful gore with these fellas, given the state of them its hardly surprising that they bled a little. There really is something strangely therapeutic in painting lots and lots of blood on a miniature.....maybe I should keep that to myself though....

And it wouldn't be much of a zombie Apocalypse without a rotting preacher. I actually have the living version of this guy which I will try and paint up at some point too. I still think he looks a little bland but really can't think of a way to make him look any more interesting. Oh well. He'll disappear into the horde before long.

And a picture of the horde as it stands! 10 Zs at the minute with another 30 in the post. I also have a few survivors on order from Lead Adventures but I'm going to leave these for another post as I've been coveting these guys for a while now and would love to do something a little special for them.

Next post I have two survivors almost finished which are actually going really well. The paint job contrasts a lot with how the zombies look. Nice and clean compared to horrible and dirty. Hope you guys like them!


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