Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thunder Wolves Hoooooo!!! (Part 2)

Hey Guys!

So after my long, luxurious holiday of doing nothing I had a long and not so luxurious stint back at work. As such this is the first day that I have had off in a whole six days! Hence the lack of hobby time recently. I know, it's tough, but I've got to get the money to buy lots of little sculpted bits of plastic and resin from somewhere.

So on this day off I have managed to finish off one of my current projects...

Thunder Wolf Cavalry

The vast majority of this guy was actually painted with my airbrush (any excuse, I know) and the results turned out pretty damn well, especially on the wolf. I used 3 different browns to shade the fur which gives it a lot of depth and then washed the whole thing in Agrax Earthshade to deepen the shadows. In real life the wolfs coat just looks really rich (if a little ginger, stupid chestnut ink!)) which I'm quite happy with. 

I also airbrushed the marines armour which led me to a shocking revaluation. Airbrushed paint rubs off really easily! I guess I wont actually be handling the model when I'm airbrushing anymore. This left me with loads of touch up work to do which is very tough after airbrushing because the tone of the paint completely changes!

I think I really need to find a better way to take photos too. The shading and highlighting on the storm shield is actually really good but you totally can't see it as the white is completely washed out. Any tips on budget photography are more than welcome at this point!

As for the cultist I went for a really dirty, Nurgle theme to be in stark contrast with the clean Space Wolf. I did this using an interesting new technique. Anyone familiar with James Wappel's work should check it out. I used his shaded basecoat technique to get a really complimentary colour scheme going and then heavily applied wash to shade and add a layer of filth! Again, I'm really happy with the results.

So what do you guys think? I'm currently painting a load of zombies whilst watching the Two Towers using nothing but washes as a little experiment. Hopefully have them up soon!



  1. Very dynamic, hard to do with static models, but it looks right. I've heard using a softbox can help with light diffusion and evens out your whites. I plan to get one, and then learn to use it :P

    1. Cheers bro, the thunder wolves are really great miniatures and any excuse to use my airbrush is a plus. As far as dynamism goes that's exactly what I was going for so cheers for that! I always see damn cool miniatures on blogs it always involves an added element to the base, hence an (almost) decapitated cultist.

      One day I'll take good photos but for now I'm content that they hide some of my wayward brush strokes! Maybe once I get better...


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